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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Question to all Mummy's (and Daddy's)

Its a question regarding sleep...

Lately Darcie sleep has become a little bit of an issue again, over the last week she has had a few nights where she has simply not been tired enough to go to bed! When I sat and thought about it tonight it occurred to me that on the nights that she has been good and gone to bed at her normal time, (between 6.30-7.00) she only had one nap during the day. On the days that she has had two naps, she has gone to bed as late as 10.30 pm! 

Does this mean that she perhaps needs to stop her afternoon nap? 

She still seems so young to me to be dropping a nap, at what age did my lovely readers drop any naps??

Thanks guys

Mummy B xoxox
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