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Monday, 23 May 2016

A Child Friendly Garden

With the warmer weather now officially here you may find that your children are constantly pining to get outside. My own daughter loves being outside. We have such wonderful neighbours, all of which who have children. Quite often on a Sunday or on a sunny evening you will see all of the children playing together, whilst the parent's take turn to supervise. Whilst this is lovely, I can't help but think how young Darcie still is and yet she's asking to go and knock on her friends doors to see if they want to go play. I constantly find myself asking where the time has gone.

With our garden plans still yet to get started (we're still waiting for our summer house!) it has got me thinking how we can make the garden child friendly. Especially now our Son, Henry (8 months old) is starting to enjoy and explore the garden too. Having done a little bit of research there are so many ways in which this can be done, including suiting all budgets. I thought I would write a little post on my ideas for a child friendly garden.

Fairy garden

This is something we will be doing over the half term. A fairy garden is simple and relatively cheap to make. You can even buy little kits to help you create your very own fairy garden. Darcie would adore this, she will spend hours playing with her dolls and barbie's so I think her own little space for a toy fairy would be brilliant.

Mud Kitchen


For messy children big and small! There is no denying that children love to get messy, so instead of making a mess indoors, why not create a space outside that is completely devoted to mess? A mud kitchen is a seemingly popular choice and again, is relatively cheap to construct. Just use old kitchen utensils and even an old kitchen sink and you're good to go.

Sunken Trampoline

My daughter is constantly plaguing me for a trampoline. Thankfully one of our neighbours has one that they quite often all go and play on. But if we were to have one, I really love the idea of a sunken trampoline. They make them less of an eye sore and also appear a little more safer.

Sheltered play area

We all know what the british weather is like. Gorgeous sunshine one minute and then a downpour the next. With a canopy the weather won't stop them from enjoying the outdoors. Infinite canopies offer a range of stunning options for sheltered play areas, that are sure to encourage inspired play and keep them playing whatever the weather.

Water fun

No one likes to get hot and bothered during play time, so adding some water play to your garden is a sure fire way of keeping playtime cool. Of course you could go for the traditional water table, but what about a simple water fountain where the children can splash and cool down? Water fountains are a beautiful feature to any garden, but with a few adjustments you could make your water feature into a children's play area too.

Do you have any ideas on how to make a child friendly garden?

Mummy B xoxox

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