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Monday, 8 December 2014

5 ways to create a Winter Wonderland

5 Ways To Create A Winter Wonderland

Today I have a fantastic guest post from Mary - a retired landscape gardener who has continued her passion for garden design to help others improve their outdoor spaces. 

Christmas is a magical time for the little ones and recreating that festive feeling at home is essential to making the best memories. Although we cover our home in beautiful lights and tinsel, our poor gardens are often left forgotten, as we hibernate away during the winter months. But our gardens can be just a part of the Christmas magic as our homes, and letting the little ones burn off some steam in the great outdoors is a perfect opportunity for some family fun. So I’ve collated a guide to making a winter wonderland that will have them enjoying the wonder of nature once again. 

1. Light It Up 
Fairy lights are perfect for adding a sense of magic to Christmas. Hung from trees or along the Garden fence, there’s simply no such thing as too many. Watch their eyes fill with wonder as you light up the garden that looks like it’s home to a family of fairies. Big bright colours or twinkling gold and silver lights can put a smile even on Scrounges grumpy face. 

2. Cosy Corner
Make use of your garden furniture by covering it with waterproof cushions and throws. Sipping a hot chocolate and having a story outside on a bright sunny day (no matter if it’s cold) will ignite their imagination. Bring Teddy along for the festive picnic and enjoy the change of scenery.

3. Playhouse Grotto
Decorate the playhouse to create a Santa’s Grotto. 
Paper chains, tinsel and anything left over from the Christmas box can all be put to good use on a Grotto.  Let them get creative and go to town on their own project. You could even make them a simple gravel path leading up to it using Decorative Aggregates, to ensure no little ones trip or slip during their grand design.  

4. Craft Christmas
Sitting outside to get crafty is the best way to avoid a messy house and a great opportunity to use what’s around them. Whether it’s tracing big red winter leaves or making a Christmas Tree from twigs. The Garden is the best resource for a fun play date with nature.

5. Fun & Games
Wrapped up in winter coats and with their wellies on, games in the garden can create the most festive fun. Give them the chance to explore and have an adventure with a Christmas treasure hunt the head elf would be proud of. Using clues from Santa himself, they will love following in his footsteps to find their treats.

Of course not all us have a child friendly garden at the moment, but I’m certainly making it my new years resolution to renovate. A Garden Room such as this one, is something I long to have so that the entire family can enjoy outdoor space.  

Hope you have enjoyed todays post, thanks again Mary.

Mummy B xoxox

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