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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Bingo as a rescue from my pregnancy frenzy

People say ‘having a baby makes life simpler’. Really? I don’t think so! Okay, now I hope you have not judged me already. I have my own reasons behind thinking so, because in my case even before my baby entered this world I went through a crazy baby boy haul. Spending a lot of money is what I did, by purchasing different kinds of baby clothing like some cute little socks at H&M, a gorgeous blanket, a perfect snow suit and a lot more. I was so engrossed doing all this that I didn’t even had any clue how much I spent in this process. Surely, those are not justifiable expenses considering the fact that my baby didn’t even step out. 

Hence, in order to avoid overspending, I needed a perfect distraction because those cute little things offered at a discount in most of the shops were pretty irresistible. I searched over the internet how I can avoid this, and guess what? I found the perfectly solution for it. Bingo, the impressive game of luck. Since this game is now available online it is even more convenient for me to hop into a good site and play to my heart’s content.  
After going through a list of sites and also after considering my friend’s advice I decided to start playing in a comparatively new, but remarkably well-known site called New Look Bingo. The reason behind what really attracted me to play on this particular site is the fascinating bonus system that it offers. I could bingo online without even depositing a single penny, because the moment I registered they showered me with a no-deposit bonus worth £5. This allowed me to play all the free games available and win even more bonuses in return. After experiencing the site, I decided to deposit £10 and again I got sprinkled with £65 free bingo bonuses. Apart from these they have some really enthralling promotion in store for all the players. The perfect Bingo your way to cinemas promo for the movie lovers, Newbies bonus blast for the gaming freaks like me and much more to even mention.
As I am not a huge fan of being pregnant, this game really helped me out to distress myself and divert my mind from the frenzy that I was going through. It even made my journey easier as a ‘going to be mom’, because it conveniently lessened all the weird sensation and sick feeling I was going through.

So, I would suggest all the wondrous ladies, whoever is going through a similar situation to bingo online and forget all your woos!

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