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Monday, 4 May 2020

Crafting Ideas to Celebrate our Key Workers

During this pandemic one thing that has really resonated with me is a sense of togetherness around the country despite our current lockdown measures. We’ve enjoyed going on our daily walks and spotting all of the rainbows in the window - which definitely sparks a lot of joy for my two and gives them that feeling that we’re all in this together.

Decorating our window has become a way of communicating with our neighbours and sharing our thanks to key workers. My husband is a police officer and I’m a teacher so my children like to try and show their thanks by doing lots of different crafting activities - plus it’s keeping them happy and busy which is a big bonus! I have put together a few ideas that you could try at home.


A rainbow has fast become the symbol of lockdown and displaying a rainbow in the window is a firm favourite in showing thanks.

Rainbow Rocks

Painting rocks is something we’ve enjoyed over the last few weeks, you could paint a whole rainbow on them and leave them out on walks or in your garden for people to admire, or even paint individual stones to create a larger rainbow. You will  be. We have placed ours on a window ledge by our door, our garden is also filled with them!!

Embroidery Rainbows

I have been teaching Darcie some basic embroidery stitches and she has now mastered the running and back stitch, we’re currently waiting on some larger embroidery hoops and then we will make one to add to our window display

Pom Pom rainbows

Pom Poms are really fun to make which can be used to make bunting that you could add to your windows. Just choose rainbow wool and you’re good to go!

Thank You Cards

To loved ones or those we are thankful for, a letter or card is still an option whilst the post is still operational. You could let your children run wild with their imagination or even make one digitally which could be sent via email if you’re worried about contamination. Even if you’re not that creative you could you sites such as Design Bundles and download svgs files to help you create a card digitally. We’ve done quite a bit of digital art, such as making our own colouring in sheets and stop motion videos.

Sunflowers #GrowYourSupport

In my local area, Norfolk Police are currently running a campaign called #GrowYourSupport when they’re encouraging children to create sunflower crafts to display in their windows. Local Police officers will then post sunflower seeds to grow if an officer spots them on their beat. I love how this engages with the local community it’s really love this initiative which offers lots in the way of learning too - you could combine this activity with talking about the anatomy of a sunflower and how they grow. We’re hopeful we will receive our sunflowers soon!

I would love to hear if you have been showing your support through craft. VE Day is also coming up on Friday (8th May) and this is another opportunity to put your crafting skills to the test. You could paint flags, create signs are make your own Captain Tom to display in your window!

Keep Safe

K Elizabeth xoxox

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