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Saturday, 26 January 2013

I HATE This Weather

Normally I'am a Winter person. I Love the cold and snuggling up in the evening, brisk wintery walks and all the hype before Christmas. BUT this year I have seen Winter in a completely light, one filled with illness! 

Poor Darcie B had another trip to the Doctors as in the morning she was coughing so much she made herself very sick, her breathing was also very laboured. So as she was supposed to be in nursery, and they don't take children when they have been sick I made the decision to stay at home with Darcie for the day, as Jamie had work also. She slept for three two hour periods so I knew she was poorly.

The Doctor saw her in the Afternoon and did a few tests mainly to check if anything was on her chest and luckily there wasn't. But he did say it sounded like her asthma was bad again, he timed her breathing which confirmed this. He said there wasn't a lot they could do, just keep it at bay with her inhaler. If she hasn't improved she has got to go back next week as there is a chance it could turn into a chest infection as she has a lot of mucus (lovely).

Sorry this is a day late, but Darcie has been super clingy whilst ill so have simply not had the time! fingers crossed today's post will go up on time!

Mummy B xoxox
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