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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Launching a Business | Part 1

Launching a Business is something that has been on my agenda for some time. I've created a business plan, vision, mission statement, logo even. I've been very passionate about this business for the past year, but I've had to keep it on the back burner. It's just not the right time at the moment.

This doesn't mean it's not going to happen because I can see it all coming to life. I know I have the drive and passion for making it succeed, but with two small ones, I'm weary of committing. In my head, I'm thinking once Henry is in school (four years time), then there will be nothing from stopping me from making it all a reality.

So without giving away my business plan (wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!), I thought I would share my process of putting together a business plan to help make your dreams a reality.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Best Places To Get Free Perfume Samples

Stores Like Debenhams

Most stores that sell perfumes would be willing to let you try a new perfume before you commit to buying it. This is particularly true when you look at department stores with perfume and makeup counters. These stores will often have small sample vials or scented cards available for the most popular scents or open bottles that you can test in the store. For these samples, you will not have to go to a high-end retailer.


Saturday, 17 June 2017

"Mum, I hate you"

In the world of kiddies, I can't seem to catch up with the latest crazes and most sort after toys. One week it's all about the dolls, the next its fairies in the garden. My head spins. In fact, me and Darcie came to "blows" this evening when she got so frustrated because I just didn't know what she was going on about.


Friday, 16 June 2017

Will Dad be duped this Fathers Day?

Sunday is a celebration of Dad's! If you've read my post on our father's day plans, then you'll know we're looking forward to a day of family fun. It wasn't at all swayed by our daughter "pitching" her idea to him. It went a little something like this,

"Daad, can we go to the beach at the weekend?"

"I'm not sure, I'm going to be super sleepy after a night shift."

"Come ooon Daad. You can sleep on the nice comfy sand and relax, whilst we play. Mummy can watch us. Easy."

"Go on then."

"And ice cream?" - with the biggest grin, you've ever seen.


Thursday, 15 June 2017

Dad's aren't given enough credit!

Daddy's, they're one of the most important people in a child life and sometimes I feel they just don't get enough credit. Traditionally, the emphasis has always been on us mums, we carry them, birth them, feed them and usually are at home with them 24/7. Traditionally, this has always been the mother's role. But in our house, we don't quite fit that mould.


Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Presents for a five year old Girl

Before I dive into this post, this will be in no way gender stereotyping. My little lady turned 5 last week and I really struggled with gift ideas this year. I feel she is in an awkward in-between age so thought others may be finding the same. Using my blogger initiative, I have put together a little post of gift ideas for girls aged around 5 years (anyone else's is 5 going on 15?).

Darcie is quite a mixed bag. She loves anything that sparkles, playing with my makeup when I'm not looking to then building mud pies and playing with snails. At this age, her likes and dislikes seem to change on a daily basis. Having said that, she got some brilliant gifts and I kind of wished I had done a little more prep before her birthday!

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