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Monday, 18 March 2019

Seven Ways to Change Your Mindset | No. One

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to share with you tips on how to can actively change your mindset so you can have a more positive outlook on life and reach your goals. Whether its to be more happy, successful, motivated - having a positive mindset can help you reach them.

For this first article, I'm going to discuss EQ. EQ is something I hadn't heard of before I decided to take control of my life and actively work to better myself.  EQ is an abbreviation for emotional quotient which basically means a measure of a person's adequacy in such areas as self-awareness, empathy and dealing sensitively with others.


Sunday, 17 March 2019

Glam Goo | Review

Did you know it's national slime day today? No, nor did I! I didn't even know slime would constitute its own day - but it does and boy does Darcie LOVE slime!

In order to celebrate Glam Goo very kindly sent us some of their kits to review and when they arrived Darcie just could not contain her excitement! She was itching to rip into them and create her own perfect slime concoction.


Friday, 15 March 2019

Counselling - My Experience

I have mulled over this topic for such a long time. Is it something I should share or is this one of those things that should not be discussed online? Especially something so personal? Well, your sat reading this so I obviously grew a pair and hit publish. So whilst I won’t delve into the in’s and out’s - sharing this experience, I think, is an important one and will hopefully be read with no judgment.


Saturday, 9 March 2019

A Magic Monday at The Cosy Club

You will all know if you've followed me for the past year that Monday's are my favourite. Since dropping my hours it has literally revolutionised my work/life balance and I'm so thankful I made that choice. My husband and I dubbed it a Magic Monday as both children are at school/nursery and we get to be us for a few hours.

On Monday, we decided to head to Norwich for a mooch around the shops and basically coffee shop hop! It's something we used to do all the time when we were first dating - finding random spots to people watch, chat, daydream and of course, drink coffee (although back then it was pots of tea, I think becoming parents hardened us!).


Monday, 4 March 2019

Should You Buy Your Child A Trike?

There are so many great children’s toys on the market these days, making it almost impossible to decide what to buy your little one when Christmas and birthdays come around. One toy which is a lot of fun yet also contains a lot of other benefits as well is a kids trike. This blog post will reveal all the advantages associated with buying your child one of the many available kids trikes in stores today.


Saturday, 2 March 2019

My Sanctuary is my Home

My home is almost certainly become my sanctuary, its a place that is very important to me. It's where I relax, spend time with my favourite people, create and ultimately a place that allows me to just be.

To feel relaxed my home needs to be tidy. With two young children, this is certainly something that can be difficult. My son, in particular, is a literal hurricane and both Jamie and I feel like we're constantly picking up after him. I know he's only three but if I'm honest it's something that really gets to me and is so frustrating. I'm not talking a few toys either, it is huge amounts!! Whilst I’m trying to be a calm mamma I often feel I’m on the verge of erupting! If you have any tips to help encourage him to help that would be amazing! I know he can do it as well as he’s always getting helper of the day at nursery - making it even more frustrating! I think I need to buy some stickers to help encourage him.

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