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Monday, 24 June 2019

Five Things Mobile Phone Networks Don't Want You to Know

Mobile phones seem to cost us more and more every year. In some cases these costs are hidden, or at least not fully explained by networks. Here are five things you need to know before you take out your next contract.


How Can We Teach Our Kids More Confidence?

Teaching our children confidence and self esteem is so important, and is a huge part of raising them. This is because kids that are confident are more likely to try their best and feel proud of their accomplishments, they’re less likely to feel defeated by the challenges in life. Positive attitudes developed in childhood can follow through to the rest of their lives, and so it’s crucial to start young. Here are some of the ways you can build up this skill with your kids.


Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Genius Time-Saving Hacks For New Parents

The word "busy" doesn't truly capture the frenetic pace at which modern parents must live their lives. Not only do they have to go to work, ensure they get their 20 minutes of exercise per day, prepare healthy food, and pursue their hobbies, but they also have to take care of their kids too. To say that the schedule of most parents is insane is, frankly, an understatement. 

Life is tough for parents. All of a sudden, they become a taxi service and a concierge service for their children, having to predict their needs as well as their own. It's a tough existence. But the good news is that there are plenty of hacks out there for parents to save time and take back control of their schedules. By implementing some of these ideas, you can free up time and regain your freedom.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Make Changes Today to Avoid Food Waste

As I'm getting older and maybe (and I say maybe!) getting wiser, I'm becoming more conscious of the amount of waste our family produce. I don't want to be driven by consumerism or negatively impact our environment and so I'm looking to make improvements to the way we live and one of the first areas I know we can definitely improve is the way we shop, eat and minimise waste and prepare food. Some companies are really recognising this, such as Grundig. Recognised for quality, Grundig is a German heritage brand with a 74-year history and well-known for its consumer electronics.. In 2013 Grundig launched home appliances in the UK for the first time, exclusively through Currys PC World and really are promoting a more sustainable lifestyle through their brand.


Tuesday, 11 June 2019

How To Find The Right Electrician

Whether you have just purchased a new home or need electrical work in your current home, taking the time to find the right electrician is extremely important. You don’t want to just use the first name that appears in your search engine. And, if you are unfamiliar with dealing with electricity, this is a DIY Project that you will want to avoid!

Steve Johnson

The worst thing that you can do is find the cheapest electrician and end up with more electrical problems down the line than what you started with. There are some key characteristics that you will want to make sure your electrician has before deciding who you will be making the check out to.

Let’s take a look at some strategies you can integrate into your search as you find the best electrician around!

Cheesies | Review & Giveaway

I think every here knows that I love food. Like really love food. I love to cook, I love to eat and I love to pin a ridiculous amount of recipes on Pinterest. So when I was offered the chance to review a new cheesy snack, of course, I'm going to say yes! So if you're a fan of cheese and looking for an alternative snack then keep on reading.

These delicious snacks are a great alternative to crisps, they're carb and gluten-free, high in protein, suitable for vegetarians and come in at 122 calories per serving. They also come in three flavours, Emmental, Guada and Cheddar.

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