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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Six ways to reset your life

You may be thinking that resetting your life sounds a little extreme. I'm not talking about starting a new career, moving to a new area or ending relationships - although if these are things you feel you need, then do them. When I say resetting your life I actually mean, reshifting your mindset and your priorities.

This is something quite often do. I need to shake things up from time to time. I often get overwhelmed easily and this year has been an incredibly tough one, which I now feel I'm coming through the other side. I feel a reset is needed and I thought it would make for good reading if you're feeling a little swamped and unhappy with your current mindset.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Then There Was Ten #TheGerbilDiaries

This week, well past two months, have been incredibly busy. As a teacher, it's exam season and so work has been so full on, Jamie has just got a promotion which was a very stressful and long process in order for him to get it and of course the mortgage drama, which is now complete (yay!). So on Thursday night when I was putting Darcie to bed I was not expecting the events that occurred.

Darcie was emotional. Overtired but trying everything in the books to get out of going to bed on time. Through her tears and the list of reasons she couldn't possibly go to bed, I began to get a little distracted by some lustful gerbils, which amused me greatly because they're boys. I had never seen them behave in this way and was getting a little concerned when I heard lots of squeaking, I thought one of them was getting hurt! Then I saw something moving in the sawdust and what I saw had me stunned.


Sunday, 3 June 2018


And so she is six. My beautiful baby girl turned six this weekend and to say I haven't been emotional would be a lie. I don't know if it's because this year has been a hard one or because six just seems really old, but there have been a few moments where little tears have been shed.


Thursday, 31 May 2018

Life isn't Uniform

When Marks and Spencer's reached out to me about their latest campaign, Life isn't Uniform, I couldn't help but smile. Life at the moment certainly hasn't been 'uninformed", but then again life never is!

Marks and Spencers New campaign encourages parents to open up about your own uniform mishaps, whether it's coming home with the wrong uniform (I've lost count how many times this has happened!) or the never-ending whoops moments, Marks and Spencer's want to hear it all.


Wednesday, 30 May 2018

A Guide to Pregnancy Incontinence

The test gave you the result you have longed for and now, you have an exciting time ahead of you!

But it would be wrong to suggest that everything about pregnancy and giving birth is rosy and happy. Many women find pregnancy uncomfortable, the morning sickness hard to handle and the lack of sleep makes daytime functions ten times harder.

How to Illuminate Your Garden

Garden and outdoor lighting lend themselves well to creating the relaxing ambience many of us want from our outdoor space. Take a look at how to cleverly use lighting this summer to create an extraordinary backdrop and focal point to your garden. 

Lighting the garden is no longer a feat of electrical engineering. With solar lighting now coming in all shapes, sizes and styles the options are many and varied.
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