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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Pumpkin Patch Fun & Half Term is Here!

 We've made it through the first half term and we've survived, early starts, school runs, homework and the usual stresses of work/life balance. This past week has been particularly stressful and has left me questioning a lot of things in relation to work and making sure I'm getting the right balance. Running a blog and picking up freelancing jobs as well as working full time certainly is no easy feat and I feel like I'm reaching a point where something has got to give. Despite that, this week I received the news that I have been chosen to represent UK Parent Bloggers at the E-Fluent Bloggers Conference in Paris! When I received my invite, to say I was shocked was an understatement, but I'm incredibly excited to spend three day's in the beautiful city of Paris and meet some incredible other bloggers and brands. However, for this week, I'm hoping I can switch off a little and just focus on my family.


Career Tips: Interesting Jobs for Working Mums

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We live in frugal economic times and with unemployment rising, it is increasingly difficult for mothers to find well-paid employment that is flexible and rewarding. Many women give up on their career once they have had children as the ability to find a job that they can work around childcare becomes increasingly difficult. However, there are many professions out there that are geared towards the working mother and which are in fact well paid. 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Tips For When You're Redesigning Your Bathrooms

Redesigning your bathroom is an exciting step for your household and something that can add a great deal of value to your property. Having recently written about being careful when trying to add value to your house, design mistakes can be costly – and tricky to rectify. The DM Design team has created a list of the most common bathroom design mistakes and how to avoid them and I thought you lovely lot would love to hear them. I know I have found them useful, especially as we're considering re-doing our ensuite. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Fisher-Price Stride & Ride Lion | Review

My little Henry has four big loves in his life, Dinosaurs, Cars, Music and Lions. So when I was asked to review the Fisher-Price Stride & Ride Lion, we immediately said yes.

This brightly coloured lion offers a range of activities to keep baby's who like to be on the move completely entertained. The ten light-up buttons, cleverly designed around the lion's mane that when pressed start up fun songs and phrases. What's more, they're educational too, focusing on colours and numbers. The nose also lights up and his mouth opens too, to encourage hand-eye motor skills.The lions back act's as a ride-on for baby, so they can scoot around to their heart's content (Henry's favourite part). Lastly, the seat can pop up to become a handle that baby can push and walk if you're trying to encourage walking.


Sunday, 16 October 2016

My Little Trolls

Today we've pretty much had the perfect day, walking through Thorpe woods, drinking coffee in front of a cosy fire and then a lazy Sunday afternoon at home getting ready for the week ahead. Despite it raining most of the morning, it really didn't matter to us. The fresh air was exactly what we all needed. Plus the children were all dressed up for rain in their Tiny Trolls of Norway outfits which we were kindly sent to review.


Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Education Quizzes to Support your Childs Learning

We've almost complete one half term of school life and my daughter is loving it. I have already seen so much progress from her and we are really enjoying the start of her school career. Being a teacher myself (secondary age), I know just how important primary school is. Early Years Foundation and Key Stage 1 lays the foundations for the whole of your child's future education. At this stage, ideas are introduced that form the building blocks for the more complicated subjects which will be taught later in their school life - this is why these early years are considered to be the most critical. 
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