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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

What’s Compromising The Comfort Of Your Home?

Our homes are many things. They’re our shelter from the elements, places to create memories, and, simply, a place to lay our head at night, and be at ease and in comfort. Sometimes, however, the comfort level of our house isn’t quite as high as we’d like or expect it to be. The good news is that it’s always possible to nudge our comfort levels in the right direction, providing we can locate what, exactly, is bringing those comfort levels down in the first place. Below, we take a look at four of the more common issues that affect UK homes.


Relatively Easy Ways to Modernise a Room

If some of your rooms are looking a bit dated and you do not have a lot of cash available for decorating, do not worry. There are plenty of relatively easy and affordable to ways to update your home.


Monday, 11 February 2019


February, it’s the season to celebrate love in all it’s forms. Whilst I sometimes feel Valentine’s Day is a little bit of a cliche, February also happens to be our anniversary of when my husband and I first got together. This year we celebrated 13 years together. So, whilst I won’t necessary be celebrating Valentine’s Day in the traditional sense, I love to look back over the years and reflect on our relationship.


Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Get Your Home Spring Ready

Yes, it may still be February but I can feel spring in the air, the day’s are starting to get that little bit longer and it’s motivating me to get organised for my usual spring clean. This year I’m so motivated to get everything organised, I don’t know if it’s Hinch fever or that 2019 is shaping up to be a good’n but I have already made some improvements to our family home.


Friday, 1 February 2019

Words of Wisdom for Frustrated Bloggers

Blogging is fun. Blogging is profitable. Blogging is creatively engaging. Blogging is all of these things. However…Blogging can also be frustrating!

Do you agree? Are you a frustrated blogger? If so, you're not alone, but let's look at some of the biggest blogging frustrations to counter your negative feelings.


Thursday, 24 January 2019

Upgrade Your Blog With These Innovative Ideas

Most blogs tend to be quite similar to one another. This makes it hard for you to really stand out from the crowd and offer things that other blogs can’t. As a result, you might not get the readership figures you’re hoping for, and it can be challenging to bring in a new audience. 

The question is; how can you make your blog stand out?

Well, I have a few ideas that you can try out as I firmly believe they’ll upgrade your blog and give you something extra compared to your competition. 

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