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Monday, 21 October 2019

Fostering - The Things You Didn't Know

Before working in education I had a preconceived idea as to what the care system looked like in the UK. I thought there would be small centres and very few children who would pass through it. That whole picture completely changed when I became a teacher and I began to work with those families and carers. I think we all have a preconceived idea as to what fostering entails and the reasons why children can end up in care. Today I’m collaborating with Compass Fostering, who are one of the UK’s leading foster care companies. Compass Fostering works hard to find carers who can give supportive homes to children and young people in need of them. They have recently run a comprehensive survey into the state of fostering in the UK – and public perceptions around it. Within this post I want to share with you this important research and perhaps give you some reasons to perhaps consider fostering in the future.

Do we need more foster carers in the UK?

The current lack of awareness around the true numbers in foster care is one of the survey’s most striking findings. For example, Compass Fostering found that 77% of people greatly underestimate the number of children in care. The 53,000 children currently in the fostering system represent about twice the number most people estimate. There is a growing demand for foster care - which is putting Britain’s foster families under increasing pressure. Although 90% of people realise the number of children in foster care is growing, they’re unaware of all the commitment involved.


Friday, 11 October 2019

I Need More Space at Home

British homes are among the smallest houses in Europe. But it’s nothing new. You’ve probably already noticed significant differences last time you booked a holiday in a rental property in the Alps or by the Med. Coming back home after a holiday abroad can feel like a punishment. Why is your home so small? The truth is that we, British homeowners, unfortunately, have to learn to live with it. Ultimately, England only has a population density of 424 inhabitants per km2. For comparison, France has a density of 118 inhabitants per km2, and Italy has 200 inhabitants per km2. In other words, we live in a heavily populated country, which means that real estate properties have had to adjust.

However, understanding which our homes feel small doesn’t solve the issue. When you need more space under your roof and can’t afford to quit everything to live in a countryside manor house, you need to be creative.

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Monday, 23 September 2019

Teaching children to process death and grief with the help of memorial diamonds

Most parents simply can’t grasp how they can teach their children more about death and grief. Many, fearing their children will develop a gloomy view of the world, just avoid bringing up the topic. But once faced with the death of a loved one unexpectedly, they are less likely to process it in a healthy way. This is why teaching children what death and grief are, is highly important. And you can use novel and smart ways to tackle this. Remembrance diamonds are a new type of memorial services. They are incredibly beautiful and personable, but they can also serve parents as a great teaching tool. 


Upgrade Your Family Time

Family time is one of the most important things in the world, but it can often feel like family time twindles, or changes a lot as time goes on. Some of you might not be experiencing this yet because you don’t have older children, or perhaps you haven’t started your own family yet. But for you, family time is different, it’s the time you spend with the family you grew up with, and your partner! So we think it’s time to upgrade your family time, so that not only are you making some new memories, but so that you’re actually enjoying each others company more. There are so many things that you can do without having to spend an absolute fortune to do them. So keep on reading, and see if you’d like to upgrade your family time using some of the methods we’ve got for you!


Saturday, 21 September 2019

A Care Guide for Guinea Pigs

If you follow us on Instagram you will of recently seen that we have just adopted two baby Guinea Pigs and I have fallen completely head over heels in love with them.  Guinea Pigs aren’t “new” to me, I have had them before but just like becoming a mother the second time around it’s surprising just how much you forget! After doing ridiculous amounts of research before we committed to the adoption process and now becoming a piggy mummy once more, I thought I would share a little care guide for those of you who might be thinking about getting your own guinea pigs.


Sunday, 15 September 2019

Four Tips to Get Yourself Back Into A Routine

The children have been back for almost two weeks and it feels so good to be easing back into some kind of routine following the summer holidays. I completely thrive on routine and although I welcome September for that very reason, I seem to be struggling to get going! So this week I am to change that (and that's partly why I'm getting back into writing again, while we are here, sorry for the lack of posts!) and do my best to get back into a routine that I love.

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