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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Bullet Journal | National Stationery Week

This week marks National Stationery Week and I thought I would honour the week with something I have truly been loving - my Bullet Journal. I have always loved the idea of writing a journal, I mean, I'm a blogger. I love to document everything. Those beautiful intricately designed to-do lists, daily reflections and gratitude pages tapped into my creative side and at the time I was aching for a creative outlet that didn't involve a screen. I wanted to be able to have something where I could completely focus on something other than work and the children - something for me. My bullet journal has become my creative and therapeutic outlet.


Monday, 24 April 2017

How to Dress the Family for a Wedding

For families, weddings are great fun. Often, there is entertainment for the children, or at the very least other kids for them to play with. This gives you the chance to relax completely, for a change. You know the kids are safe, so you can chill out a bit and catch up with family and friends.
The tricky part is preparing for the wedding. Sometimes getting everyone kitted out in a nice outfit can turn into a bit of nightmare, but it needn´t be this way.


3 Ways to update a small bathroom

While there are plenty of fresh and innovative ways to update a bathroom, the amount of space that you have is still the deciding factor on whether a particular idea will work or not. Not all of us have the luxury to live in spacious mansions; leaving most people no other choice but to adapt with small and cramped bathrooms in their houses. However, having a limited space does not mean that we should compromise the aesthetic value of this part of our home. There are still a lot of interesting and effective ways to update a small bathroom without spending a lot of money. Make the most out of your limited bathroom space and give these top 3 ways to update a small bathroom a try.


How to Bring Extra Light & Space in Your Home

As you all well know, I love my interiors. I'm a dreamer and have constant ideas on how to better our home. I seem to go through spells of absolutely loving our home to feeling utterly stressed out - one of my main headaches is a lack of space and light. Us bloggers know just how important light is! Many new properties have small box rooms, and often homes lack storage space - ours included. How you decorate these small rooms has a big impact on how they look and how you feel when you are in them. I know that there really is nothing worse than feeling hemmed in, especially in your own home, so I thought a post on decorating small spaces and creating extra light would prove helpful.


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Screen Time App – 3 Signs That Indicate You Need To Restrict Your Child’s Screen Privileges

Here are a few valid signs which indicate that screens are taking over your child’s life and you need to restrict their screen privileges gradually.


Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Save Money With These Brilliant Candy Buffet Ideas | Guest Post

Save Money With ThesFundraising is a challenge in any area. Whether your campaign is for personal fundraising or community needs, finding a way to reach your audience is essential. Of course, we all know about the great fundraising sites like Plumfund where you can set up a free account to collect money for any reason you feel is worthy. But sometimes you need a physical event to pull in donations. 

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