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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Finding gifts for that special woman in our lives shouldn't be a stressful task. So I've put some gift ideas together if you're struggling and need some last minute inspiration.

For the Music loving Mama

Have a mum who loves her music? Why not treat her to an Electric Jukebox? The thought behind this nifty gadget came about when it's developer wanted a music system that was much simpler to use. A plug in and play. No monthly subscriptions.  "I set the team a challenge. Can we make something that comes in a box, affordable for most people, open the box, and two minutes later you've got a jukebox with all the world's music." That's exactly what they've done. We've enjoyed our own and think it would make a fantastic gift for music lovers wanting a simple way of accessing their favourite songs.


Monday, 20 March 2017

Sharing our passions with little ones

Car's, love them or hate them, they're an integral part of our day to day life. For some, they're their pride and joy, a labour of love. For others, they're just a means of getting from a to b. For me and my family, they're a little bit of a passion. Particular cars holding key memories from our families past. We recently bought a new family car and my daughter sadly said she would miss our old blue car. I asked her why and she replied "because of all our adventures", it's funny how we associate cars with memories and have emotional ties with them. Honda is currently launching the new generation of the Honda Civic, a car which my own Dad had (around when I was 17 and I was desperate to drive it!!) and they've asked me to take a trip down memory lane, just like they have with Vertu Honda's history timeline. 

Growing up, we had a tonne of cars. In fact even today my dad is somewhat of a car hoarder. When we got married, my gift to him, was a commissioned piece of artwork reflecting cars that held special memories over his life. When I was researching the cars before I had the work commissioned, I spent an afternoon looking at the cars my dad had over the years. Some cars were practical, serving a particular purpose for that moment in time, others were for pure joy. Some were sporty, some were beautifully designed, some needed a little TLC.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Living in the Now | Wells-Next-The-Sea

Last week I was struck down with an awful bug, stomach cramps galore that left me exhausted which resulted in me sleeping the week away. Incredibly frustrating when I'm so motivated at the moment with work and the blog. Saturday morning, I was feeling a lot brighter, cramps had basically disappeared and I was feeling slightly cabin feverish. We decided to have a drive out to Wells-Next-The-Sea, to take our new car out for a spin and have a little walk along the beach. Nothing too strenuous I wasn't feeling up to much.

We had a wonderful day, just being. I had annoyingly forgotten my "big" camera, which I think my husband was secretly happy about. I tend to go into blog mode, scoping out nice shots, stressing over the fact I haven't got THE shot. It never put's a dampener on the day, but I tend to put myself under pressure because I want nice content. So today was different. Today I could just be.


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Can you be a Mum and still Dream BIG?

When you're a mum sometimes life can become a little repetitive, wonderful and incredibly rewarding but a little repetitive. As a working mum, life is incredibly hectic and a constant juggling act. More often than not I feel that it's a juggling act where sometimes I drop the ball and I feel like I'm failing. Even though life can be overwhelming, I have a huge desire to still pursue my own dreams.


Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Decorating Tips to Help You to Create an Easy to Heat Home

When most of us sit down to decorate, pretty much the last thing on our mind is how to keep our heating bills under control. We are, understandably, far more focused on getting the look right.
Of course, we do think about the practicalities to some extent when planning a room makeover. If you wanted to change the layout of your kitchen, you would carefully plan the location of each appliance. That is the best way to ensure that you can open your fridge door fully and that the kids can eat their breakfast in there if they want to.


6 Ways Creating a Stress Free Home

My home is my place of refuge. After a long day, whether it be at work or wrestling with the kids (mine not my students!), my home is somewhere that I love to kick back, relax and let the day's stresses slip away. So having a home that doesn't stress you out is vital!

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