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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Where has my baby gone?!?

Seriously where has my baby gone? 

I know I will be saying this again in six weeks probably but she is growing up so quickly. Its amazing to see, and obviously its fantastic that she is progressing so quickly, but I don't think I am alone in that the "newborn" stage just goes too quickly!!

Anyway due to her rapid growth, we have had to adapt to these changes and also our bank balance has taken a hit too!

The first big change was the transformation from her carrycot to her "big girl seat" from her pushchair. This was actually quite a hard decision, she hadn't grown out of it but she was getting more and more frustrated because she couldn't see where we were going so I reluctantly gave in.

Another very big change has been her diet. As I previously mentioned in her latest update we have started weaning her. She is now having breakfast and tea. At breakfast she has banana cereal and for tea she is trying out different vegetable purées, so far she has had Sweet Potato, Carrots and Parsnip. Because of her new diet she now has her own cupboard in the kitchen!!

To be able to accommodate Darcie's new diet we had to also purchase a microwave and a blender... another bigish spend!

Also she now has a high chair...

Its a very cute one from Mothercare which was in the sale at £39.99! Not bad!

So my little girl is growing up. Its lovely to see though, also these new changes is meaning that she now goes through the night! Hurrah!

Mummy B xoxox

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