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Friday, 10 August 2012

My Spare Room Ideas

If you read my last blog post (read it here) you would of noticed that I am planning to decorate my spare bedroom for my Birthday, I am fed up of having a room with no function and no where for guests to stay. So I decided that as my Birthday was coming up this project could be my present!

So here is my plan so far....

(image created by FotoFlexer)

*Shelving and desk unit sold separately from Ikea, £30 for the desk and £75 for shelving unit *
*Paint Lemon Punch (£13) and Polished Pebble (£19.58) by Dulux from Homebase*
*Floor Lamp from Ikea (£7)*
*Desk Chair from Ikea (£35)*
*Stag print Etsy (£13.16) available here*
*Sofa bed from Ikea (£95)*
*Lamp Shade from Etsy (£36.20) available here*
*Fabric (for covering storage boxes) from Etsy (£7.24) available here*
*Cushions from Etsy (£19.71) available here*

So this is the plan, I'm really loving grey and yellow at the moment and I have LOVED the Ikea desk and shelving unit for years and I think its finally time to go for it! So watch this space for more updates on this project!

Mummy B xoxox

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