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Friday, 10 August 2012

7 Things for 7 Days August

So I decided to join Louise of Sprinkle of Glitters interactive 7 Things for 7 Days blog (See Louise's blog here) and have not done too badly... 

So lets see how I did....

Exercise: I had a go at two of my exercise DVDs, a Zumba party one and the level one of the 30 Day Shred.... I wish I hadn't! I'm pretty sure it is still too soon to exercise, trying to do jumping jacks hurt way too much so I think I will be sticking to walking and swimming for the next few weeks!! 

Little Ducklings: I went to my local baby and mother group and loved it! Darcie was the youngest there and didn't really do an awful lot, but she loved looking at all the bright colours and was very inquisitive with the other babies. I think these groups are perfect for getting a good support network going, the other mothers there were of all ages and it was really good to have a good natter and share hints and tips! I will be going every week from now on, so I'm really glad I made this one of my goals!

Clean My Kitchen Floor: Well... its still not done.... So so so shameful... 

Prep For Craft Project: Well my original goal was to get prepared for making Darcie's keep sake cushion BUT I got slightly side tracked and did another craft project (I did a blog post on this here)... so I don't feel so bad for not quite for filling this goal!

(Sorry for the crappy pic, but here is the final look of my craft project)

Jamie Time: We managed to have a lovely day on Sunday, we saw friends, went out for lunch, did some shopping and then once Darcie was in bed we made our favourite burritos for dinner. Love the simple things in life.

Organisation: My original plan was to organise all of the kitchen cupboards but I only managed to do three, though they were the three mains ones that needed doing so I was happy with that!

Organise Blog Posts: My diary is now full of ideas and schedules for blog posts, you may also notice that this blog has a new look which I'm really pleased with!

So I don't think that was too bad to be honest!

Now instead of doing this every week I'm going to do this post once a month (this seems to be the general trend amongst other bloggers who are taking part in this interactive blog) So here are my 7 Things for August...

August 7 Things

Get My Bloody Kitchen Floor Cleaned!: Enough said!!!

Plan For The Spare Room Project!!!: This "thing" really excites me, my birthday is at the end of September and I would really like to have a functional spare room so this will be my birthday gift! My plan is to have an office space with organised storage with a guest bed which will probably be a sofa bed using the theme of grey and yellow. You may think that that sounds pretty planned, but being on maternity leave I need to budget, and know exactly how much this will cost and were I'm going to get all the pieces etc. So I am going to create a separate blog post on this and show you all my planning and then another blog post on the final result!

Buy A Printer: What a boring and simple goal... it is something I really do need. No end of times I have called my Dad and said " Daaaaaad.... Can you print something for me pretty please" of course he always does bless him, but I have another project in the works were I will certainly need a printer (watch this space). 

Arrange Girls Night In: This should really fall in next months 7 things but as most of my friends lead very busy lives and have children sometimes takes a while to organise anything. Jamie is planning on going on a lads trip to the Lake District to climb/walk Sca fell at the beginning of September and so I will have the whole weekend to myself. So I'm thinking of gathering all my girls and have an evening in with wine and giggles! We have not done this for so long so I think it will be the perfect opportunity! 

Plan for Christmas: I know its stupidly early to start thinking about Christmas but as I am on maternity leave and money is tight I need to start saving and buying presents now! And as it is Darcie's first Christmas I want to be able to go all out even though I will be on a budget and the only way to do this will be strict planning!

Have a BBQ: I have not had one all Summer, So now the Sun has seemingly decided to come out time to have a scrummy BBQ!

Shopping for Darcie: My little piglet is growing so quickly, need to purchase some bigger clothes for her pronto! 

Lets see if I can do this!

Mummy B xoxox

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