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Sunday, 8 April 2012

BabyBump app Review

So when the "Pregnant" sign flashed up on my pregnancy test, my immediate thought was "ok, Yay, I'm happy but what the hell happens now!!" So as with most things I thought there must be an app for this!! And I stumbled across an app known as BabyBump!

Its a wonderful app, and has been truly helpful through all stages of my pregnancy! Each day that you are pregnant it will give you useful hints and tips and also weekly updates that tell you what is happening to you and your baby!

Now for the best part of this app... Its community!! This app comes with various forums that you can join in on. This app is mainly popular with Americans however there are various UK forums which I have been more inclined to join. The UK forums are full of wonderful first time mummys (FTM- like myself) and also second, third... etc, all there to offer advise and support! I have never felt stupid posting a question on there because, guess what... someone else is probably wondering the same! Luckily most of the users are highly supportive and have yet to have any negative comments come my way... HOWEVER be warned if your brave enough to wonder over to other forums like "Rants and Raves" alot of hormonal very emotive women post there and well it can get nasty!! But remember if you stick to the smaller forums and perhaps in my experience the UK forums its a wonderful environment for women to learn and enjoy there pregnancy and motherhood together!

Interested?! Well why not give this app ago... there is a free version which I currently use and its great!! To upgrade to the full version which includes a "kick counter" and "Contraction tracker" its only £2.49 on the iphone! 

Go on give it a go... 

Mummy B x

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