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Monday, 18 June 2012

Darcie at two weeks

Well it's been just over two weeks since Darcie's grand entrance to the world and I thought I would do a little update!

The first week of Darcie's life I found incredibly difficult. I'm not going to lie! When having a c-section, and an unplanned one at that, you don't realise how little you can actually do!! So whilst trying to get to grips with mummy hood, I also had to deal with being in alot of pain and being pretty immobile which made me feel pretty useless!! Also trying to establish breast feeding was alot more difficult than I imagined! Thank god for the midwives at the hospital who really supported me and now, luckily breast feeding seems a diddle!!

Due to breast feeding not being very easy to establish, Darcie lost about 11oz in five days- normal I'm told, but when your breast feeding it's completely soul destroying and you feel like you have failed as a mother! Though with the help of Jamie I persevered with breast feeding and three days later when she was weighed again she had gained 6oz!!! I was thrilled!!! Currently she is now 6lb 14oz so above her birth weight :)

Recovering from a c-section as I previously said, was very difficult. I think it was more coming to terms with what had happened than the healing process. My scar is healing nicely and the stitches were removed after five days, it's still a little bit tender but on the whole I'm pretty mobile, just need to make sure I don't over do it!!! The only thing that's still of concern is my blood pressure, I'm still being monitored for high blood pressure, it seems to be coming down slowly, but its considerably higher than what it was before my pregnancy. Hopefully it comes down by its self naturally otherwise I will be on meds to control it!

I really am enjoying being a mummy, it's the best feeling in the world!

More updates/reviews to come...

Mummy b xoxox


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