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Friday, 28 September 2012

17 week update

Darcie is now 17 weeks old, I just cant believe how fast time is going!!

Darcie really doesn’t feel like a baby anymore, that may sound strange but she is more like a little person now, she has her likes and dislikes and her personality is really starting to shine through!

One of the biggest updates I have to tell you about is that Darcie has started solids this week. I know, I know you should wait till their six months, but really this girl likes to eat and she is soooo ready for puréed food. So this week she has started on baby rice and banana baby breakfast cereal by Heinz. She LOVES the banana cereal! And I think next week I will introduce more flavours for her to try, by making my own puréed food for her.

Darcie is coming along nicely, there is not much else to report from last time. She has rolled from her belly onto her back a couple of times now and she is sitting and standing really well, aided.

Will update again soon

Mummy B xoxox  

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