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Saturday, 15 September 2012

August Loves

Wow hasn't August just flown by?!?

Baby Groups: I have really enjoyed attending our local baby groups, I can not stress this enough for new mums they are brilliant! Its lovely to see the babies interact, and even try and copy one another. I very much believe these interaction help with a childs development! Also attending these groups have given mine and Darcie's week a much needed structure, becoming a Mummy really does turn your world upside (for the better)and its nice to finally feel like we have a little routine! Another reason I am loving these groups are the people you meet!

Dentinox Teething Gel: An absolute necessity for and teething babies!!

Next Baby Clothes: Darcie is growing so quickly and so we have been doing lots of clothes shopping and I really do love Nexts range. Its a little bit pricey compared to other stores but I think there quality is fantastic, and you really notice the difference. I think all of my Next clothes may last till baby no. 2 (if that happens) as they wash really well. Bellow is a selection of a few of the pieces I have been loving.

(All currently available here)

Baking: When I was pregnant I did lots of baking but once Darcie was born I didn't seem to have enough time. Now Darcie is in a routine it has allowed me to go back to this passion!

(Chocolate and Hazelnut marble cake)

Pinterest: If your a regualar reader you will be aware I'm slightly obsessed with Pinterest. In the evenings I could literally spend hours looking through it getting inspired! I LOVE it! (follow me here)

Nail Varnish: I do love my nail varnish, I'm never seen without it! I have been particularly enjoying wearing Tecnic's "Carnival" which is a doupe for OPI's Muppets "Rainbow Connection" and was a steal at £1!!!

Mummy B xoxox

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