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Saturday, 22 September 2012

So I'm turning 24...

(at my friends wedding with Lou two weeks before my 23rd birthday... also happened to be the night Darcie was conceived he he he)

So I’m turning 24 on Wednesday, and what a year it has been!

When I turned 23, me and Jamie had settled into our newly bought home rescued Lady from the Dogs Trust and I thought to myself wouldn’t it be lovely to add to this little family me and Jamie had created (little did I know I was already pregnant!), then in October we found out we were expecting Darcie! And life turned upside down – for the better I may add. So most of my 23rd year was spent with my head down the loo and bracing myself for Motherhood! Then Darcie made her grand entrance in June making me and Jamie extremely proud parents!!!

This last year has really been the best year of my life, one of the hardest but definitely the best. There has been a lot of heart ache in my family in recent years with loved ones lost and so Darcie to me, is a little blessing and helped to fill a little hole.

So I wonder what 24 will bring....

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