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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

6-9 Month Haul

Ok so on Sunday Jamie said to me I think we need to start stocking up on the next size of clothes for Darcie as her current clothes are starting to become a little bit small...

Fatal mistake Mr Burgess!!!

So when he had trotted off to work I got the Laptop out and headed straight to the NEXT website. As I have previously said I LOVE there clothes for babies, and are such good quality so I went a little bit  clicky happy and soon my basket was up to £250!! Thinking Jamie might murder me in the night at that price I soon got it down to £130 (reluctantly... A completely crazy price I know for something that is going to last a few months but it was on credit, so its not real money... that's what I tell myself lol)!

Oh my goodness, now its all laid out it looks a ridiculous amount!! BUT when they move up a size you have to buy them a whole new wardrobe again! (And you have to do it lots of times!!!)

Here are my favourites from this haul...

So even though our bank balance has taken a hit... she is all worth it!

Though I think next time I will check out ebay first!!

You live and learn as they say :)

Mummy b xoxox


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