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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Saturday Treats - Fry ups, Family Time, Me Time and A Good Muffin

So my Saturday started out crap. I was down in the dumps because I'm getting so frustrated with myself for not being able to drive and therefore not be able to see friends and family as much as I would like. But Jamie soon knocked me out of my foul mood.

We did the weekly shop (boring) and then he treated us to a fry up, soooo naughty but much needed (well actually not needed because the amount I have eaten this week could feed about 1000 people!).

We then came home and whilst I got on with the house work Jamie and Darcie played together and its the loveliest thing ever to hear. Then once Jamie had tired her out he put her down for a nap (that was an hour and a half ago and she is still asleep!) and he went off to work leaving me with nothing to do. So obviously thinking with my belly I thought I would try some of my friends Carrot Cake Muffins she blogged about the other day. 

Here is how mine turned out... Not the prettiest of cakes (think I over did it with the cream cheese filling), but oh my goodness there good!

If you fancy trying out these wonderful Muffins see Stephs Blog here!!!

Mummy B xoxox

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