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Monday, 12 November 2012

Old Friends, Food, Shopping And A Dip In The Pond

This weekend has been another lovely one. On Saturday we took a trip to Milton Keynes to meet our University friend Steph and her partner Alan. We hadn't seen each other in just over a year, and so we where both a tad bit excited. This was also her first meeting of Darcie.

She got Darcie a beautiful Gillette...

Too cute!

The whole day was wonderful, it was lovely to catch up and made me realise how much I have missed her!!! We also went to Jamie Oliver's Restaurant as me and Jamie had never been before I had  Pumpkin and Squash Gnudi (Fluffy English ricotta dumplings with Cropwell Bishop blue cheese, pears and walnuts)which honestly was sooooo good. It was a very long day and Darcie was very well behaved and made me one proud Mummy!

On Sunday, we went over to my Dad and Step Mums Sarahs as they needed Jamie's help clearing out a pond. Me and Darcie entertained their Dog Freddie...

Who is one week older than Darcie so he is very playful and extremely cute! Once Dad and Jamie had finished doing manly things (not so manly when you fall in the pond though is it Jamie??! hehehe) We decided to go to Southwold for Dinner. I love Southwold its one of my favourite places locally. 

We went to our usual the Harbour Inn, where the food is amazing!!! Its quite a traditional seaside pub and is extremely popular

To start I had Fish Cakes with Sweet Chilli dip... 

Then for mains I had a vegetarian Fish and Chips, consisting of haloumi in a coriander and chilli batter with mushy peas on the side. 

Both dishes are not my usual, but both were beautiful and will be having them again on our next visit!

Here are some more pictures from the evening...

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend

Mummy B xoxo


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