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Friday, 30 November 2012

Play Days

So today wasn't supposed to be anything special, plus waking up with a headache did not make the day look promising. After searching the house and not finding anything to cure the headache me and Darcie trotted off in search of a cure... 

We went to the usual place... Boots and got some paracetamol and then took a stroll into the park. I treated Darcie to a quick swing (only a quick one it was bloody freezing today!) and she was full of laughter and smiles. This instantly made me feel a million times better. 

So with this in mind we went back home and I was on a mission to continue with the laughter... So a full day of play ensued...

We played with all her toys, and her favourite of the day??? A stripy blanket and a Tupperware of rice... Easily pleased my child :)

And now she is napping...

What a lovely day

Mummy B xoxox


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