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Monday, 26 November 2012

Sophie the Giraffe

This is my first of many product reviews!

Sophie the Giraffe or "Sophie La Girafe" is one of the leading teething toys. 

Sophie was born in France in 1961 on Saint Sophie's Day (hense the name!). Sophie is made of natural rubber and they say it is recommended from birth. Its a pricey teether at £12.99 and has one tons of awards.

Mummy B and Baby B's verdict...


I got this product when Darcie was 10 weeks old, she was making all the signs of teething and so I thought I would give it a whirl. She loved Sophie from the moment she set eyes of her, she smiled and got excited every time I gave her Sophie. HOWEVER Darcie didn't have a clue what to do with her, and she was almost too big for her mouth. 

After a few weeks Darcie got the hang of it, and now refuses any other teether. This product is amazing, unlike most teethers its flexible so she can get it right where she needs it and then she can chomp away. 

I don't leave the house without Sophie now, Darcie has grown rather attached and it keeps her entertained for literally hours. Not only is it her favourite teether its her favourite toy and comforter.


Surprisingly amongst my mummy friends I think Darcie is the only one with one, and I think its due to the lack of advertising... But fellow mummy's suffering with teething bubbas... GET ONE NOW!!!!!!!

Mummy B xoxox 

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