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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Wrapping Ideas

So normally I don't do anything special when wrapping but being the Pinterest geek that I am I have felt somewhat inspired this year. Check out some of these gorgeous ideas that I have stumbled across...

I LOVE this idea especially for the kiddies, I have a couple that I'm buying for and think I may incorporate this into there wrapping.

This is brilliant. Simple brown parcel paper with your own decoration using pen or paint, super simple and very cheap to do!

Brown parcel paper again, with festive decoration, simple and beautiful.

I'm liking the brown parcel paper this year... This one is lovely with the persons initial being them main feature.

How festive is this?!?! I love pom poms! Think I may do this on a couple of Darcie's presents, I think she will enjoy feeling and playing with them!

These are my favourites this year, I have already made a big start on my wrapping incorporating a few of these ideas...

I have gone for the brown parcel paper, its actually much cheaper than your traditional Christmas wrapping paper. With garden twine and Christmas ribbon to match, along with mini Christmas cards cut down to create so cheap gift tags.

Not very adventurous compared to the other images, but for me its a step in the right direction!

Mummy B xoxox


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