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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Darcie at seven months

Well Darcie is seven months old... Craziness!! In the last couple of weeks Darcie seems to have progressed so much its scary! It amazes me that all of a sudden they just start doing things out of the blue!

Well Darcie has never been keen on tummy time, but she has over the last week got herself into the crawling position! I really thought (and still do really) that she would skip crawling because over the last couple of weeks she has started pulling herself up and trying to walk when you hold her hands!!!

Another new thing she does is shake her head, its hilarious!! And she finds it amusing too!

The other night whilst playing me and my mum are pretty convinced she said Dadda! She hasn't said it again but she is definitely becoming more vocal.

Food wise she is doing amazingly, she handles finger food superbly and cheese sandwiches are her new favourite.

She has also become very loving, she has never been a clingy baby. She is very independent and very confident. But recently she has been giving us cuddles and kisses and its so lovely because you know she is learning to express her self.

Sleepingwise, she seems to be going back to her good habits. Occasionally she will end up in our bed but that isn't until around 5am, a big improvement on 10pm!!

Oh I do love my girl.

Mummy B xoxox


  1. This is lovely! She's gorgeous - and I'm super impressed at her standing!

  2. Aww thanks Bec, She is impressing me loads at the moment... our babies are growing so quickly!! xxx


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