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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Re-thinking Our Spare Bedroom

You may remember ages and ages ago I did a post on my plans for our spare bedroom, see that post here. However it never happened! And in a way I am  glad because over the last month or so I have been mulling over the functionality of upstairs and how I would like it to be.

Darcie's current room is the smallest of the bedrooms, originally I wanted the bigger of the spare rooms to be an office space/spare guest room. But now I'm thinking I would like to swap the two over! (Jamie will be rolling his eyes when he reads this... but read on it will make sense...)

My thinking is that when Darcie is older and in a big girls bed, which could be as early as Christmas if she keeps trying to escape, that room will offer her very little space to play. So swapping the two rooms over would offer her a lovely little area. Plus we would still be able to have an office and spare bed in her current room if I got creative with the space.

Now obviously this won't happen untill she is ready for that change, and that won't be for a long time... however the Pinterest freak that I'am, I have already created a board with lots of lovely ideas for that space... 

I'm not so keen the wallpaper BUT I do love the idea of the fabric over the bed and the little table and chairs... So cute and very girly

I quite like this, I love the idea of grey and pink but perhaps it may be too "grown up", but I think it could work if done in the right way.

This bed is just too cute! I love everything about this the colour, the bunting and the head board! Love love love!

I Love this idea as a bed and with the added storage area... Fancy a DIY project Jamie??

This is again is another big LOVE, I adore everything about this

I have seen this alot on Pinterest and I would definitely like to do this for her growing collection of books.

Love this as storage

Look at the lighting and butterfly's of the wall, so so so cute!

So there we have it, that's what is buzzing around my mind at the moment. Silly really as this will not become reality for a while. But its nice to dream and plan, plus I want to see more of Darcie's personality to come through so her room can represent that too.

To see more and see the links, visit my Pinterest page here.

What are you currently dreaming up??

Mummy B xoxox


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