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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sleep... What's That Again?!

It's currently 8:41pm and all I can hear is Darcie playing in her cot. 

We're finding night time very difficult at the moment and I'm very unsure what to do... she seemingly just wants me to cuddle her to sleep and to be honest as much as I love it I think its time for some tough love!

I'm going to try crying it out... 

I know, I know I said in a previous post its something I couldn't do BUT this just can't go on! She is getting bigger now she needs to learn to sleep on her own so here goes... Join me on tonight's experience....

8:45pm Darcie has started crying, I'm going to leave her 5 mins like suggested...

Two mins in and I want to kill myself!

Three mins she is hysterical... Can I do this?!

Ok so I managed to do the five mins... Its now 9:20pm and I have only just stopped her from crying and shaking!

Anyone that knows Darcie, knows she is very independent little lady and very rarely cries, so to see her like that is shocking! I praise anyone that has the strength to do crying it out, but I just can't, call me weak, I just can't do it!

Will have to try something else tomorrow....

Mummy B xoxox


  1. Dont feel bad, we did the cry it out method in the end but only left 3 min intervals to go in, comfort, settle and leave again. So tough! If you can carry on, it worked for us...Finley now goes to bed at 7.30 - 8 on his own and settles straight to sleep, no crying or anything just a happy settled baby. It is the hardest thing ever but it worked for us...what we did was start CIO over nap time, that way they arent too tired out and it is easier not being ready for bed yourself. I hope it gets easier for you :) Email me if you want anymore tips, I dont want to spam up your comment feed. Good luck xxx

    1. Thanks Hun!!

      Tonight I gave her, her bottle in bed and then sang to her and she fell asleep!! And she is still asleep!! Im hoping that this will work, being back at work full time I feel a bit like a zombie! xxx


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