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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Darcie Is Eight Months Old Today

In four months time my little one will be one...

Oh my day's time really does goes by so quickly when you have children.

So Darcie is eight months old, and my goodness she has learnt so much in her little life! Here are some key updates that she has learnt over the last month or so...

* Crawl backwards *

*Walk when holding your hands*

*Pulling herself up on everything*

*How to get off the sofa... Naughty little madame*

* Claps*

*Wave at appropriate times*

*Can say Bubba*

*Has said Dadda a couple of times*

Its very strange how quickly she has learnt all of the above! It amazes me their whole learning process, Darcie likes to watch and analyse other people/babies and then has ago herself, she is a very strong independent little lady... a little too independent at times hehehe!

She is turning into such a lovely little person, and its such a joy to see.

Today watching the snow

Love you Little D

Mummy B xoxox


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  1. Cute baby pics! Visiting from the Meet and Greet blog hop.



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