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Wednesday, 13 February 2013


So this is the worst part of being a Mummy. We have been dealing with a very poorly bubba for the last couple of days, and to be honest she isn't improving. 

On Tuesday morning I was getting ready for work and suddenly realised Darcie hadn't woken up yet (very unlike her) so I walked into her room and she was just staring at the celling and was breathing quite heavily. I picked her up for a cuddle and she started to cough badly and then threw up a load of mucas. I presumed it was just from her cold. So I decided to get her dressed, and during this time her breathing got worse. It was very laboured and wheezy so gave her some of her inhaler. We then went downstairs for breakfast where she was sick again. I called work and took the day off to take her to the docs (I had called NHS direct and they said she needed to be seen by a Doctor) as Jamie had already left for work.

I took her to the Doctors where she was seen immediately. The Doctor looked at her and kept saying "Oh she is bunged up with cold" I on the other hand thought it was much more, but kept quiet. After listening to her chest, he said it was most likely that she had a bit of a chest infection and gave her some antibiotics. 

Well we thought she was improving, and we put her to bed in the evening after she attempted some dinner and she went to sleep. Me and Jamie sat down to watch a film when I herd a funny noise. I went upstairs and Darcie was lying face first in her own sick. I got her out and sat her on her changing mat to strip her down where she was then sick again. I then realised that we hadn't had a wet nappy since first thing this morning so I called NHS Direct again. They wanted us to take her to an out of hour surgery in Norwich.

When we arrived Darcie seemed brighter, the Doctor there did the same examinations but said that she had some inflammation on her lungs - not an infection like the previous Doctor had said. He recommended a course of steroids to help with her breathing.

Today I thought we were finally getting somewhere. Her breathing was slightly better and she wanted some food (yesterday she refused nearly everything). We gave her breakfast and she kept that down too. Whilst this was happening I was on my way to work, whilst driving there I started to feel very sick and felt that working in a school (and with the knowledge that Darcie had some kind of viral infection) it probably wasn't a good idea to try and carry on at work (Good job too....!).

When I got home Darcie fell asleep again. This is where she spent most of the day, cuddled up with me asleep. She woke a couple of times for a drink, which she kept down and she even managed some lunch.

At about 3pm I thought she was over the worst of it, when at 4pm she started being very very sick again. Then the diarrhea struck too.. oh my god it was awful... think cream carpet and a fountain of baby diarrhea... Not good!

After that episode she was very whingy I gave her some water and she was still whingy so I tried her with a bottle. She managed 3oz and kept it down for about 30mins before bringing it up again.

She then had some more water and she is now sound asleep again next to me.

I am very concerned about her and have herd about all these nasty viruses going around, its awful! Just trying focus on keeping her hydrated.

As I write this, my own chest is tightening and Jamie is sounding bad too, Family and Friends keep away!

Stay healthy people

Mummy B xoxox

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