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Friday, 22 February 2013

Relax It's Friday

I love to indulge in a relaxing pamper session, but unfortunately I don't get to do this very often! But after having my two lovely friends over Bec and Hayley and chatting away about books made me think, right I need an early night, which has turned into a very basic relaxing routine before diving into a good book!

So to start my pampering I had a looong bath. I love a good bath, I instantly relax! I didn't use any fancy bath products tonight, just good old Radox, whilst in the bath I caught up on 90210 (Jamie finds this an odd thing to do in the bath, but I love it!), exfoliated using Soap & Glory's "Flake Away", I also did a lush face mask using their "Fab Pore" mask (my favourite). To finish up after the bath I use Soap & Glory's "Righteous Butter" all over to moisturise and on the face I used Green People's Day Solution Hydrating Balancing Day Cream (I know, I know I should use there night cream, and I do but I have run out!!).

Once all nice and clean I decided to do my nails and first of all I needed to remove my old varnish, I was wearing Rimmels Cocktail Colour in Punch which is utterly amazing which I may do a whole post on because its that amazing!! BUT I fancied something more subtle...

So to remove I used Bourjois Dissolvant remover, has been my favourite for well over a year, so easy and hassle free...

Then I followed up with Soap & Glory's Hand Food, my hands have been so dry and this stuff always sorts them out!

Time to paint and tonight I used Maxfactor Max Effect in Bronze, which is gorgeous! I did have to do four coats though to get a more opaque colour.

Nails done, time to head up to bed (which is where I'am now... sooo comfy!)

Time to get comfy and read, currently I am reading the Hunger Games!

Once this has posted, I will be engrossed in my book and then I will put my head down for an early night as we have a busy day tomorrow.

 What's your quick pamper routine??

 Mummy B xoxox



  1. Sounds lovely! I'm a big fan of The Fab Pore too, it leaves your skin feeling so clean and smooth :) Great post xx

    Beauty by Emma - Beauty, Mummy & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Sounds perfect and I love the button picture above your bed xx

  3. Sounds like such a lovely evening, bet you felt so relaxed after a nice long bath!:) I love the Soap & Glory products I've got quite a few including some of their make up range which is quite nice.


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