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Monday, 4 February 2013

Sleep Training Re-visited

So as I have mentioned we went back over sleep training and this time we tried the "crying it out" method. Despite me saying I would never use it, I have well and truly eaten my words and to be honest We needed to do this.

It worked so well, I am so so pleased. This week has been the first week that we have managed to have full nights sleep and with our bed to ourselves! 

We did the method like this...

5 mins to cry and then go in and settle.

Leave for another 5 mins and then go and settle.

By the third go she had gone to sleep! It has taken a couple of days of this and now I think she has well and truly sussed it! In the morning its all smiles and giggles, I have even had a couple of lay-ins too!

So lesson learnt, don't knock a method until you have tried it!!

Mummy B xoxox

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