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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Why Do I Blog?

I have loved reading blogs for around three years now, I read beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food, organisation, home decor and mummy blogs on a regular basis. Anyone that reads blogs will probably get why blogging is a nice thing to do.

However, I still get quite a lot of people ask me why I blog, why share my life with the world?

My take on it is that we live in a very open world with social media enabling us to literally share our every move. So why not do it on this platform???

I am a social media whore. I Facebook, Tweet, Instagram, BabyBump and I love it! Its an addiction and one I'm trying to tame! 

So, I created this blog to share little snipets of our life and our journey through parenthood. But doing this on this platform allows me to share this with people who actually want to read this stuff, without trying to ram it down people's throats on facebook (even though I kinda do and people generally moan at me for posting too much... But hey addictions don't stop over night! *winks*).

However other than the fact I actually enjoy writing and creating the posts, this particular blog is something I hope to enventually share with Little d. To share with her my thoughts whilst pregnant (my honest thoughts), how she came into the world (perhaps it will be a good form of contraception for her and scar her for life!), and show her, her milestones and days out we had, what her favourite toys where etc.  I could go on for ages about all the wonderful things this blog can do, but the main thing is the way in which it keeps our memories. I plan to each yeah get the significant posts printed in book form and I'm currently researching companies that can offer this.

I'm not sure what else to say on this subject. But I really do just love blogging. 

If you are a blogger too, what are your reasons? Why do you enjoy it?

Mummy B xoxox


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  1. Aww this is a great post!

    I love blogging too - I did a beauty blog first but once pregnancy hit and consumed my mind, I changed to blogging about that! I just love writing and its a great outlet!



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