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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Darcie's Birthday Ideas - Themes

`With Darcie's Birthday looming I though I would make a start on my weekly post leading up to the big day..

This weeks theme is well Themes!

I'm still not quite sure on a theme or even if we will have one, but I have seen some gorgeous ideas that have certainly inspired me.

"Balloon" Theme

This could be perfect for either boy or girl and is one of my favourite themes. I love the decorations and the cupcakes! I think Jamie quite likes this one too.

"Bee" Theme

As I call Darcie, Darcie B this would be quite fitting. However I don't really like yellow... But the idea is so cute, you could do so much to keep within the theme! I LOVE the cake shown!!

"Shabby, Girly, Pastel" Theme

This is so lovely, utterly girly and right up my street! This would be a very easy theme to do, with this trend very much "in" at the moment. I love the bunting and the paper pom poms which are hanging. 

"Cute as a Button" Theme

I have seen some wonderful things on Pinterest and Etsy that will go beautifully with this theme. Think its perfect for a little girls first birthday!!

Minnie Mouse Theme

Darcie would go mad for a Minnie Mouse themed party... she is a Minnie Mouse geek with her collection of toys! However I do feel this would be better for when she is a little bit older and would be able to fully appreciate all the Minnie amazingness! 

That's my small selection of a little girls first birthday themes, all of which I love and partly why I haven't made a decision  on a theme! All links are available on my Pinterest page which is HERE

What's your favourite???

Mummy B xoxox


  1. Shabby girly pastel is AMAZING, but I do love them all xx

  2. Awww lovely theme ideas!

    I'm a childrens party planner so I love seeing new theme ideas! For one year olds I do teddy bears picnic parties (So they all bring their favourite teddy or dolly along, and they have their own little places at the table etc!)!

    I love the Minnie Mouse theme and the Bee theme! I LOVE bee dress up!

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

  3. I love the button theme!!xx


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