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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Gift Ideas For Mothers Day

Mother's Day is fast approaching and thought it may be nice to do a little post on ideas for gifts for those important people in our lives.

This will be my first Mothers Day, so I'm quite excited! Though I don't expect a gift as such (so don't panic Jamie, these are just ideas and not a wish list!!).

Flowers: Flowers are soo lovely to receive,  some people may think it's a slight cop out, but trust me flowers really are a lovely gift (not only for Mothers Day) and will always go down a treat. For me I hardly ever have flowers and so when I do get given them its a really special. The ones pictured below are from Next and are a reasonable price of £26.99.

Personalised Art Work: Something slightly more personalised and meaningful, something any mother would treasure, the next few items I will share are all from Etsy (my go to site for gifts and ideas) and so it may be slightly late now to order from there BUT its good to keep these ideas in mind for next time...

Personalised picture with family name and dates, so sweet! Available HERE price approx. £17.77

Another personalised item from Etsy available HERE, approx. price £31.13

Jewellery: Another wonderful gift, but I think going down the personalised route is especially nice for Mothers Day, especially for first time Mums. Here are a couple of my favourites from Etsy....

 Beautiful Necklace, that can be personalised (the word "family" could be changed to child's name) and is available HERE for approx.  £38.27

A beautiful delicate Family Tree necklace, which could be nice for Mothers with more than one child. Available HERE for approx. £22.55 

Day Out: Sometimes its better have a day out as a family, making memories can be priceless. A day at the cost, forest walk, local attraction, shopping day, spa day... the list is endless.

Don't Forget: A Card! Why not have a go at making one?? Breakfast in bed, essential!!! No chores for Mums. And if your a new Mum, (Partners listen up) a lay in!! Daddies do that morning bottle/routine!!

Whatever the budget, big or small (or even ziltch) make sure she knows she is appreciated and loved, you cant really go wrong then!!

Mummy B xoxox



  1. Such lovely gifts there... My mum is getting flowers which I've ordered already xx

    1. Thank you! I'm still not sure what to get my mum (despite this post) lol xxx

  2. Aww lovely ideas! :) My mum is getting a canvas print of her kids/grandkids and a photo book!


  3. I love that last necklace, it's beautiful :) great ideas! xx

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