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Saturday, 20 April 2013

A Day Of Mishaps!

When I woke this morning to a very cuddly little girl, I planned out our whole day together in  my head. A nice breakfast followed by a walk, a little shop, feed the ducks, play on the swing and then lunch out.

So they day started off well, playing in the morning and breaky, we got dressed the sun was shining all was left was to get Darcie into the pushchair ready for our walk.

But the pushchair was nowhere to be found!!

Turns out our pushchair is in Jamie's car and Jamie is at work... DOH!!! Determend for my plans to still go ahead I tried to fish out Darcie's carrier hoping she would still fit in it... and she did! However I hadn't even made it out of the door and my back was already aching! SO that idea was soon abandoned! 

I was so stressed and annoyed with myself that this had happened AGAIN, I even tried to make my own scarf carrier!! 

However nothing worked and I was faced with wasting this gorgeous day indoors. At this point my Dad called, and it was clear that I was miffed off so he asked what was up. I told him my "problem" and he laughed. He soon then popped round and took me to a local second hand place to pick up a spare pushchair so this wouldn't keep happening! I managed to get an Oyster Babystyle in Pearl for £70!

I have been very impressed with the pushchair so far, it has some really lovely features. I also discovered that I can change the colours too for a quite a cheap price!

Anyway, once I had the pushchair my original plan could go ahead! But whilst this was going on, my friend Lou was texting me and we decided to spend the afternoon mooching around town, have lunch at Amandines and then take Darcie to the park.

Amandines is a gorgeous Cafe in my town, they have amazing fruit smoothies that I can never resist!

On our trip, we also stopped by Superdrug and I got a couple of bits...

So what started out like it was going to be a bad day, soon changed to a gorgeous day!!

Mummy B xoxox


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