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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A Fabulous Idea For A Child's Room

As I have mentioned before, I am planning on moving Darcie's room to our bigger guest room. Whilst I have been scouring the internet for inspiration I came across a wonderful idea that I thought I would share with you.

An indoor Teepee Tent!

I LOVE the idea if having one in her room for her to hideaway in. Her favourite thing is to read books. If you want her to sit down and just chill, give her a book and she will be happy for aaaages!!  I think a Teepee would be the perfect place for us to hideaway and read a couple of books.

Here are a couple that I have found and fallen in love with...

When I saw this I instantly fell in love, not only is it colourful and comes with matching cushions the design has stags on it!! (My regular readers will know I'm obsessed with anything with stags on!). This really does look absolutly beautiful, and would work for either a boy or girl. This is available for £180 at Catching Stars, a two lady company who have created some beautiful designs and products.

Again, another beautiful design, not quite as colourful but equally as pretty. Much more a girly alternative. This one even has a little window! This is available on an Etsy shop Moozlehome for around £164.22. 

 These are quite expensive, I know, there are many tutorials online showing you how to make your own too, but these two really stood out to me. With Darcie's birthday coming up these are a big contender for birthday present... 

Mummy B xoxox



  1. these are gorgeous I have seen the top one before. If only I had room for one! (and the bank balance!) lol! x

    1. Same I just don't know if my bank balance could take the hit! So beautiful though, a girl can dream! xxx

  2. They are cute! I love the second one. I follow a company on Facebook who make personalised ones that are super cute!

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

    1. OOOO you will have to send me the link :) xxx

    2. :) xx

  3. They're so cute! Quite expensive though but my son would love one! xx

    Beauty by Emma - Beauty, Mummy & Lifestyle Blog

    1. There such a great idea, I think any kid would enjoy these! xxx

  4. So lovely such a great idea to have in your daughters room, my little girl would love one of these!! ;) xx


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