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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Mothercare buys and losing the dummy!

Today was a mad dash to Norwich as I had an 'emergency' dress fitting that I can't really go into details about as Jamie Burgess  someone maybe reading this! However luckily all resolved, panic over!

Anyhooo... Whilst we (Me and Darcie) were in the City I decided to have a mooch around the shops. Not that I had any money to spend. And I went and had a look in Mothercare as I haven't popped in there in a rather long time, I was delighted with some of their very cute outfits and decided to dig deep in my pockets and buy Darcie a couple of summer things!

Think she may be wearing these tomorrow if the weather is nice :)

In other news, Darcie is going through the process of losing her dummy! I have always said by the time she is one I want her dummy gone and when yesterday I realised I couldn't find hers anywhere it was the ideal opportunity to bite the bullet and lose it! 

She normally goes down around 6:30 - 7:00 pm and it took till 9:45 pm!!! BUT she got there and she slept through to her usual time. Today her morning nap went well, we where out and about and she was in her buggy so that helped! Then this evening she went down at 6:30 pm stirred again at 7 pm then went straight back to sleep! So far she is doing brilliantly!

Hope you are all enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend :)

Mummy B xoxox

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