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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

13 Month Update

It feels like an age since I did one of these updates, I don't think I did one when she turned one I got too caught up with the celebrations! SO here goes a little up date on Miss Burgess's progress...

* WALKER - She walked properly one week after her birthday, its crazy to see her running around now! She gets up to even more mischief! 

*Cows milk - We moved Darcie on to cows milk because the formula she had was constantly out of stock and was always a mission to find. So we decided we would try, and she took to it straight away!

*Can use a fork(ish) - I say ish because she is quite picky when she uses it!

*New Words - Well to be honest she comes out with a new word everyday. Her vocabulary is growing at such a fast rate! Here are some of my favourite...

"Jake" (and the neverland pirates)
"Brum Brum" (well its more a noise but she uses it when she sees fast cars and bikes)
"See ya"

And my favourite...

"Luf you"

Its funny even though she is changing daily, there isn't really much "new" things to report. We have her one year review coming up were she will get weighed and talk about her development but to be honest I have no concerns whatsoever. She is perfect in every single way!

"Luf you Darcie"

Mummy B xoxox



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