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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Mine & Darcie's mini getaway with the girls... plus Niall!

Me and the girls decide to have a last minuet getaway at her grandparents caravan on the Norfolk coast.

It was actually the first time Darcie has slept away from home! So me and Darcie along with my friend Lou and Chloe (who will be Darcie's Godmothers when we eventually get round to it!) and Chloe's three children went away for one night!

It was really lovely and with four under four surprisingly not that stressful! 

Here are some pictures Lou took of our trip (I got a good telling off for forgetting my camera!)

Darcie is slightly in love with Niall, kissing and hugging (though in a clumsy manner) at any opportunity!

Izzy and Jazzy enjoying the seafront at Lowestoft.

Us on Lowestoft beach

Writing in the sand.


Jazzy at the evening entertainment!

Darcie with Lou Lou bear.

Jazzy and Mr Squirrel at Oulton Broad.

Beautiful scenery at Oulton Broad.

First time on a swing and Niall loves it!

Beautiful boy!

We had a really lovely time, I am so thankful for wonderful friends! And even more thankful that Darcie has such special people around her!

More exciting posts are coming up and two more wedding updates!

Mummy B xoxox


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