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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Feeling Sorry For Myself

I have three more days until it's half term (I work in a school if you didn't know) and I have come down with an awful cold. Pressures are high at the moment work wise, what with a visit from the powers that be looming... So I'm plodding along even though I'm feeling pretty poop. 

Despite being rather swamped work wise we have had tried to keep the work/home balance going well, last night me and Jamie went to the theatre to see 12 Angry Men, with Michael Shaw and Robert Vaughn. This amazing production was beautifully done and so very powerful just like the one room black and white film from the 50's. Tonight we also decided to have a family meal out to TGI Fridays, not the healthiest but it did the trick. One thing that has taken a hit is my lovely blog. I have not done as many posts as I would like to have done recently, the last few weeks have very much drained me. Whoever thinks being a teacher is an easy career choice needs to spend one day in a classroom....!  

Anyway, I am hoping I can beat this cold in time for my break, I have lots and lots of exciting things planned for example the Next Blogger event in London a week today, Halloween, fireworks at Alexandra Palace and catching up with my huge lists of posts which are pilling up!!

So I'm dosing up on Lemsip, putting my feet up when I can and feeling a little bit sorry for myself... I'm pathetic, I know! 

This post is just ramberling's I know, but I just want to fill you in on the lack of posts!

Mummy B xoxox

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