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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas 2013

First of all, Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have had a wonderful few days with the special people in your life, and that Santa found you all :)

Our Christmas has been a lovely one, it has been the first Christmas in four years that Jamie hasn't had to work, which made my Christmas to be honest! Our Christmas day started off in our bed, Little d had an unsettled night and ended up in our bed, luckily Santa knew where to put her stocking! In her stocking she found some lovely silly (inexpensive) presents, like a flashing duck and a squidgy hedgehog! She also got some books in there too. After that we trotted down stairs where she found her first present...

Her rocking 'hooooorse' was a brilliant find by Jamie, it cost us £20(ish) in October in Sainsburys! It is a Mamas and Papas one and should of been around the £70 mark - my best buy this Christmas! 

Then we moved on to her other presents from us and some from family and friends. I have to admit I didn't take that many pictures this year, I just wanted to take our time and enjoy it with Darcie. She was a lot more into Christmas this year, wanting to play with everything she opened before she went on to the next.

Darcie's 'library' has been newly filled with lots of new (and second hand bargain finds) books - one of her favorite things is a good book.

Me and Jamie were equally lucky this year, here is me sporting my new Joules top with little Stags all over it - just to add to my obsession! For Jamie I got him new shirts and a Haynes manual for his motorbike, I think it was a hit!

After a morning playing with Darcie's new toys we then headed to My Dad's and Step Mums with my brother and Mum (Mum, Dad & Step Mum all get on and have an amazing relationship = we get to spend Christmas and special occasions together :) ) to have an amazing Christmas dinner and share some more gifts.

Since Christmas we have been staying mostly at home, chilling spending time as a family.

Darcie in her new outfit and with a seemingly special knitted bunny that she is now attached to! Also can you spot Kate, Wills & Prince George in this pic???

More playing and another new outfit (for Darcie that is). Happy Land is a favorite of Darcie's.

Let the fun family days continue, and make more memories. 

I am hoping to share with you some more on Darcie's gifts and possibly mine, although I am in to minds... But I will be doing a couple of reviews, because I love reading them myself and may be helpful for future gifts!

Merry Christmas once again

Mummy B xoxox

p.s See what we got up to last Christmas HERE

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