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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Could I do it all again?

Now Darcie is approaching two I am being asked, rather a lot, whether I could go through it all again, i.e. have another baby. It is a question I have been asking myself too. If you are a new reader you may not know of my rather traumatic birth story with Darcie, it's not an unusual one, but it ended with an emergency c-section where I was put to sleep. So in my eyes it was pretty traumatic! You can read more about that here

So, could I do it all again? Putting aside the birth, you have the potential recovery period as well as juggling a newborn. Recovery can be slow. Now try to establish breast feeding with little or no sleep. Sterilising bottles. Changing nappies countless times a day.  Now try adding into the mix a toddler. This little person who has been the centre of your world for its entire life now has to adapt to having a baby to share their mummy and daddy with. What if they get jealous? Don't forget the added cost. Childcare for two. Clothes for two. Food for two. Toys for two. The list is endless.

Could I do it all again?


I could do it all again, and I  am looking forward to all of it. I want to see Darcie as a big sister, I know she would love the responsibiltiy it would bring. To see her share, care, love with another little person, how could I not want that? The love you have for a child is one that nothing that can compare. I feel that as a family of three we have room in our hearts to be a family of four. It won't be yet, the time wouldn't be right but the idea keeps playing on my mind. 

But for now I am looking forward to so much already, I can not forget come August I will be officially Mrs B then who knows what the future will bring.

Mummy B xoxox

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