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Sunday, 2 February 2014

20 Months Old

I find myself quite often staring in disbelief that my little squidge is going to be 2 in four months time. It actually scares me sometimes as to how quickly life goes by when you become a parent. You have to treasure every moment.

So what's new with Darcie? Well to be honest not a lot since my last update. The main thing is her vocabulary, we get quite a few new words daily. She is also putting a lot more words together to make sentences. She is becoming more independent too, like playing on her own a little more. She has also taken a liking to playing with Lady, our dog. Over the last few weeks I did have some concerns about her relationship with Lady, she kept hitting and kicking her and was constantly telling her off. Perhaps she was merely showing who's boss, whatever it was I didn't really like it. But the last few days have been different, especially this morning where she played for a solid hour with her. I think Lady is happier too! Darcie also seems to have had a growth spurt, getting taller and taller. She will definitely take after her 6ft 4 daddy! 

As for her favourite things and activities...

Watching Toy Story 3
Playing hide & seek
Helping mummy clean (she is handy with a cloth!) 
Lamby her cuddly toy is still very close to her heart!
Feeding the ducks
Going for walks
Playing with her flash cards

Thank you for making me and daddy the luckiest parents in the world.

Love you

Mummy b xoxox

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