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Thursday, 13 February 2014

A Fighting Virus Lolly

If you follow me on Twitter, my Facebook page or Instagram, you will know that Darcie hasn't been very well. She has a virus that seems to be going around that seems to really have knocked it out of her. She has had a raised temperature since Monday, a croup like cough, sore throat and most scarily (as anyone who knows her personally will get this) she has completely gone off her food.

The Doctor couldn't give her anything other than an inhaler and the advise to use calpol to control her temperature and told us it usually lasts two weeks. I truly am sick of winter. Darcie has been really unfortunate this year and has been getting everything that has been going around. As a full time working mummy this really does put a strain on things. You really feel pulled in both directions, not wanting to let your employers down but also wanting to unsure your child is happy and recovering. Jamie had her Monday, my Mum Tuesday and I have had to have her yesterday and today. Jamie's Mum is desperately trying to swap her shift so she can help us out. So difficult, but what else can I do?

Anyway, back to the point. On my personal Facebook page I asked my fellow Mummies & Daddies what they suggested to encourage her to eat whilst giving her some good old vitamins to fight this bug. One of the suggestions were smoothie ice lollies!

Feeling inspired, I blended up some frozen raspberries and strawberries and other summer fruit and added two oranges, a splash of water and there you have it the perfect ice lolly!

Darcie got very excited when she saw these and managed to eat half of it before she started to use it as a paint brush - probably not the best idea in the world to give it to her on the sofa. 

Anyway, I am hoping she will soon be on the mend. I hate seeing her like this, she doesn't want to play, just Toy Story & Doc McStuffins and of course some mummy and daddy cuddles. 

Get well soon Darcie B

Mummy B xoxox

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