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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Main Bedroom Tour

About a month ago me and Jamie decided to update our main bedroom. It was magnolia with paint swatches covering the walls, we never could decide how we wanted the room to look, but we took the plunge to just go with it and I'm so pleased with the results! As you can see we went for a yellow, grey and duck egg blue theme which I think has worked well. The room feels so fresh and relaxing - exactly what I wanted!

So lets start with the bed, this be was found at a furniture store fairly local to us which was closing down, it was dirt cheap so we had to get it!  The cushions were from Next a little while back, but may still be available. 

The bedding its self is from Ikea along with the throw, I love it! Its such a nice yellow and really brings the whole room together.

Above our bed we have some photo frames with our favourite pictures. I origianlly put the pictures here until I put them up on the wall, however I'm quite liking the way they look! The large frame is from John Lewis and the smaller frames are from Ikea (they were so so cheap!!)

Next is our bedside tables, they're not in the traditional place as they are at the foot of the bed! This was due to my poor planning and our room being a bizarre shape and very, very small! They are from Ikea and have served us well so far! On my beside table I have my day to day necklaces displayed above from Next, and a gorgeous Disney print from John Lewis.

On Jamie's bedside table he has another print from John Lewis of vintage images of the TT races, perfect for my bike mad man!

Furniture wise, we have a built in wardrobe which was the only form of clothes storage we had in there for a long time! I was getting so fed up with our spare room becoming a dumping ground so we needed to expand our storage!

We opted for the Malm Ikea chest of draws, they are lovely and deep, nice and plain, so not too fussy either!

I also desperately wanted the tall version of the Malm draws, simply because of the lovely storage for jewellery and after lots of persuading, I managed to get my own way!

Finally, the paint we used was the same as in Darcie's room, duck egg blue from Next. We also re-used some old lettering which was from Next again a couple of years back. 

So there we have it, I would love to hear your thoughts on our room. We were so limited with space we found it really difficult to make it a functioning but relaxing room!

Mummy B xoxox

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