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Friday, 4 April 2014

Britain's Got Talent Is Back! But Who Should Of Really Won?

Britain's Got Talent is back on the 12th April with another series and Mecca Bingo have challenged me to come up with my top five acts who really should of won. I really like BGT, particularly the fact that talent other than singers get to have a bit of the spotlight! 

1. Francine Lewis

Francine was in the 2013 show, her audition included impressions of celebrities and TV personalities. Her humor is right up my street and comedy is such a fantastic act for BGT I wish it would get more recognition!

2. Signature

Being a girl who once danced on the stage, I loved this Dance act with a twist! Their British Bhangra style of dance brought a fresh and uplifting feel to the show back in 2008. 

3. Susan Boyle

I don't think anyone could forget Susan's audition from 2009, I remember watching and my jaw dropped! Perfect example of never prejudging someone. Although she did not win the competition she has become an international success so I'm pretty sure she is not too sad about the competition!

4. Connie Talbot

Connie was the runner up of the very first series, her beautiful voice and character completely captured the nation hearts. I was so so so shocked when she didn't win, I think I even shouted at the TV! But having seen her YouTube channel she still has an incredible voice and has followers from all over the world AND she is still only 13! Amazing.

5. Twist and Pulse

Twist and Pulse, perhaps the "Ant & Dec" of the street world, showed a fantastic display of very talented moves pieced together with comedy elements which made this a very enjoyable act! It was such a shame they didn't win back in 2010 because they were something a little different to your standard dance act.

I'm really looking forward to what this series brings, hope you have enjoyed this post down memory lane! Who was your favourite act who didn't win BGT?

Mummy B xoxox

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