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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Darcie At 22 Months Old

Another month has flown by. All that time we spent waiting for Darcie to arrive seemed like a lifetime and now we are two months away from her second birthday. Its terrifying how quickly time passes when you become a parent.

This month has been a lovely month, more of her personality is starting to come out and she becoming very independent! One thing I will say is she is testing her boundaries, constantly trying to see how far she can push us. Sometimes I find it hard not to laugh because she has such a cheeky glint in her eyes. 

Speaking of cheekiness, she is developing a really good sense of humor. She laughs her head off at funny things on the tv or if me and Jamie do or say something funny. Another thing that cracks me up is when she falls over she stands up, brushes herself off and says "I'm fine!" and then carries on. I think we're going to have a little comedian!

Talking wise, she can pretty much say anything, but she is selective with the words she uses. She strings more words together daily that I really can't keep up with the amount of words/sentences she can say! This week her new phrase is "mmm delicious".

This month we have also dabbled with potty training, we're just getting her used to the idea of "going to the loo". When she doesn't have a nappy on and can actually see what she is doing, she realizes she needs to go on the potty. However when a nappy is on she doesn't give two hoots! So I think we have a little way to go, but that's OK as we're in no rush.

This month we have also discovered she doesn't like insects much. One day on our green, in front of our house, we found some lady birds and she refused to let me put one on her hand and repeatedly said "yuck". I'm trying to remedy this as I don't want her to be scared of the natural world around her. So last night, when at my dads house, we found lots of frogs and she spent a lot of time looking at them, talking to them and then she watched us set them free. Hopefully more activities like this will encourage her to find these creatures less scary!

I have to admit, even though I have adored every stage of parenthood, this is such a lovely age. I love to see her actively wanting to learn new things and take so much joy in the littlest of things. It has also been the most challenging time, I constantly wonder if I'm doing the right thing and feel very conscious about my actions and how they might influence her - but I guess this is all normal?!

Everyday I grow prouder and prouder, thank you Darcie B. Love you lots.

Mummy B xoxox

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