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Monday, 21 April 2014

My Mum Has Released A Very Special Book

I have been looking forward to writing this post ever since Darcie was "brand new". My Mum, a very talented writer, started to work on a story especially for Darcie. 

The story  is for us to read to her as she grows and eventually for her to enjoy all be herself, a very special keepsake inspired by her.

Just after Darcie's first Birthday my mum finished the book, titled The Chronicles of Prudence, the Foundling Fairy: Volume 1; The Gatekeeper. The story is to be a trilogy, which means we get lots more enjoyment from this special story! Now Darcie is almost two and after lots of hard work taking the self publishing route, my mum has released this story and is available to buy on Amazon for £1.89!

So whats it all about??

"Prudence leads a very simple life; she spends most of her time at the very prestigious King Leofric School and, in the holidays returns to the only place she has ever known as home - an orphanage in the southern half of the Elven country of Ealdhun. It is a routine she is content with until one summer her guardian, someone she has never met and knows little about, decides to send her to the palace with the elven prince, Rupert. Although the Prince attends her school he is two years older than Prudence and all she knows about him is that he is a bit of a snob who only mixes with a select few friends. Not at all happy with this decision Prudence has no choice but to go along with her Guardian's plans and she starts preparing herself for a very long and boring summer holiday. 
As a backdrop to all this the faery world is not a very settled place to be. The fairy kingdom of Breena is recovering from a bitter civil war and there is political unrest within the hill country of the Goblins. Prudence is blissfully unaware of just how all of this is likely to affect her until she arrives at the palace to make some startling discoveries regarding the identities of both herself and her guardian. 
Then, when her best friend is kidnapped by goblins Prudence and her new found friends at the palace embark on a dangerous and desperate attempt to rescue her........"

This is a magical story is one that I'm thoroughly enjoying reading even if its not aimed at adults as such. Just like the Harry Potter stories its a book everyone can enjoy!

I'm so so so proud of my mum and really wanted to share with you our family excitement.

Well done mum!

Mummy B xoxox



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