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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Picnic at Knettleshall Heath and thoughts on YouTube...

As this blog was a place to keep our memories safe, here is another post about a lovely, yet simple day out we had today.

This morning when we woke we had no plans at all. But my mum decided to pop over and we decided to make a little picnic and head over to a local beauty spot Knettleshall Heath. With our picnic in tow, wellies and jumpers we took the short car journey to our destination. Whilst in the car I shared with mum a couple of ideas we have had for our ceremony music for the wedding... who knew that could be such a hard task!!

As if was lunch time, we decided to have our little picnic first.

I made some pasta and we had very traditional picnic stuff like Scotch Eggs! We were so very organised we even brought green tea with us!! (Normally me and my mum spend a day out saying "wouldn't it have been nice if we were a little bit more organised if.." but today we were seemingly on fire!).

After our little lunch we headed for a walk along the river. Going for walks are literally one of my favourite things to do. Its such a good activity to do with tots, they can learn so much from different surroundings and above all the fresh air and exercise does everybody the world of good. 

We don't walk for the distance, we just like to take our time and let Darcie explore. Its nice to see things through little ones eyes.

Darcie is obsessed with flowers at the moment. She goes around and collects them to make her own bouquet, today her choice of flowers were seemingly Dandelions. Her new wellies have been getting lots of use over the Easter holidays! 

This afternoon whilst waiting for Jamie to get home from work, I have been thinking lots about setting up my own YouTube channel. I love watching family vlogs such as Sacconejoly and think its such an awesome way of capturing moments in ways that perhaps blogging can't. Today there were so many funny moments that would of been a perfect vlog and I keep thinking of our Honeymoon, what an amazing way it would be to keep our memories alive! The big question is, do I have the confidence? 

I'm not sure, what do you guys think of the vlogging community?

Mummy B xoxox

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