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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Toddler Play Space

Last week, when I was feeling full of energy, I decided to move our living room round a little. In actual fact I moved the sofa completely forward to clean behind and underneath and decided  quite liked it away from the wall. We have a corner sofa which is brilliant for helping to divide rooms, and that's exactly what it was done. It has allowed us to have an adult space, where we can relax without having to look at toys all evening and Darcie now also has her own area in the room where her toys can live and she can play too! I even managed to create a little reading corner!

Now I have done this, I really want to work on the space to make it a really functional (and a little bit more organised!) space. The sofa can be moved forward even more to allow more space, I'm thinking of getting a few things to really make this a toddler heaven!

Here is my shopping list from Ikea...

1. A chalkboard. Because what toddler doesn't like drawing! Very reasonably priced at£16.
2. Expedit shelves, for storing away her toy boxes keeping everything nice a tidy, making for a happy mumma! £20.
3. Kitchen play area, I have wanted to get this for a while! Darcie likes to playing in our own kitchen so this would be perfect. I'm thinking of getting this for her birthday! £45.
4. Picture rail, perfect for keeping her books in order and in easy each! £8.25.
5. Children's chair, £10
6. Which goes perfectly with this table, £22.

I'm hoping this will tidy the area up and give her more of an opportunity to play and explore. I can't believe I never really thought of arranging our living room like this, it is almost like having a play room!

Mummy B xoxox


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