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Monday, 12 May 2014

Break The Habit & Improve Your Future

Being a parent can mean huge lifestyle changes and wanting to put your children's needs first is only natural. Whether its eating healthier, exercising more or even just watching what you say, all these little things may play on your mind. For many parents, one habit they may wish to banish is smoking. I have never smoked or can even see the appeal of smoking but I have grown up with grandparents who smoked and seen their battles with breaking the habit and know its not an easy journey. 

Living smoke free can have so many benefits for you and your family, for example after one month your skin can be clearer, brighter and more hydrated; three to nine months after your breathing will improve; after one year your risk of a heart attack and heart disease will have fallen to about half that of a smoker. Another element is the cost of smoking. When you have a baby finances can be extremely tight, I can't imagine how we would of coped if me and Jamie were smokers too! Lastly are the benefits of those people you love. Passive smoking (breathing someone else's cigarette smoke) can increase the risk of cancer and other health problems, in particular it is very dangerous for children with risks such as cot death, asthma, meningitis all increased when exposed to second-hand smoke. 

So how can you go about quitting? 

There are so many was of getting yourself smoke free. The NHS offer a lot of advice and support for those people looking for this huge lifestyle change. There are also so many products out on the market to help. One relatively new product that many smokers have turned to are E-Ciggaretts. E-Cigs offer people that nicotine hit and are around 95% healthier than regular smoking. The e-cig Store offers smokers lots of advice and support for their customers (something which they take great pride in) helping them to find the right products to suit their needs. 

If you're looking to be smoke free I wish you all the luck in the world. Believe in yourself and make that change. To help you get started use the coupon code MUMMYBURGESS15% for 15% off.

Mummy B xoxox

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