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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Mine & Darcie's Little Get Away + Some Exciting News

This weekend was Jamie's Stag Do, and as they were having it fairly local they decided to all stay at our house (I know, I'm brave right?!). So as me and Darcie didn't fancy being in a house full of drunk men, we decided to stay at my parents house and house sit for them.

Darcie was a little weary when we arrived, and very confused when my Dad and Sarah (step mum) left. She kept saying "Grandad gone?" and "Daddy at work?", bless her! She soon settled down... at 10pm! On Saturday we spent the day with friends, it was pretty perfect and got to see all my bridesmaids. I love chilled out days like this. 

Today, Sunday, we spent in the garden and going on a little walk. We fed the ducks, spoke to the horses and blew dandelions so fairies could be born! 

Whilst all this was taking place, I decided to do a little vlogging! Only whilst we were at home and on our walk. I'm taking my time, getting used to filming, talking on camera and editing (which takes an AGE!!!) and as we speak it is currently uploading!! Its a BIG step for me, as I have said so many times, I adore watching family vlogs (a guilty pleasure of mine!) and I have actually enjoyed putting it together! The filming part was easy, I just used my phone (I will progress onto a better camera!) and the editing part, though it took me a while to get used to iMovies, was lots of fun... so satisfying to see the finished piece! It is most definitely not perfect, but its a start! Keep your eyes peeled it should be up shortly!

Mummy B xoxox 

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