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Sunday, 25 May 2014

What's In Lilly's Closet - Review

Hi Guys! I'm here today with a review of some gorgeous hair bands and clips from What's In Lilly's Closet. April (Owner) kindly sent Darcie a very generous selection to try. When we received the package I got really excited, I have never bought Darcie fancy hair bands before and felt giddy at the thought of her wearing them!! We opened the parcel together and Darcie was immediately smitten with one particular head band...

Can you guess which one??

Yup you're right, the Sofia the First bow was the first one she wanted to try on. As soon as it was on her head she proudly beamed  "mummy I'm a princess now" - bless her little cotton socks! These first three I'm sharing with you all have a similar ruffled frayed flower as it's feature. I think this are gorgeous and the colours are very typical girly girl.

Prefer a traditional bow? No problem! These simple yet gorgeous bow are perfect for finishing off an outfit and come in an array of colours. April was sweet enough to have a little look through my Instagram pictures to find out what kind of colours she wore and so I was very pleased to see a yellow bow... we do love yellow in this house!

Oh look how pretty the bow and dress looks together!!!

This lovely cream flower is the largest of all the headbands we were sent, I think this would look really sweet with a denim dress or even for a wedding - just the right colour!

Lastly, Darcie also got some very cute hair clips... though I'm quite tempted to pinch the white ruffle flower for myself! These aren't just for kinds you know!

I have been so very pleased with our goodies I have gone on to make a further order with April to try some more clips. Make sure you take a look at all the lovely options (HERE)!

I also did a video review if you fancy a little watch...

Hope you're all having a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, the sun is currently shining here and I hope it continues (was AWFUL yesterday!).

Mummy B xoxox

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